Free speech and hip-hop: When talk is cheap

13 Mar 2012 8:05 AM | Anonymous
In Hip Hop artist Dessa Wander's op ed Free speech and hip-hop: When talk is cheap in the StarTribune on March 1, 2012, she responds to a reporter who asked, "Isn't it an exercise of artistic license and freedom of speech for rappers to call females 'bitches' and 'hoes?'" Her op ed gets at the heart of the Coalition’s efforts to counter the normalization of sexual harm and to work to create a healthier environment with norms supportive of healthy behaviors rather than abusive ones. This op ed may be useful in your prevention efforts to help answer some difficult questions about freedom of speech balanced with the need to change harmful social norms. At the end she points out that, “The question posed by my reporter friend becomes one of deliberate consumerism. If your conscience wouldn't let you say it, don't buy it. Leave your wallet in your pocket and keep your money off a mic you wouldn't put your mouth to.”

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